how long did it take to get iqama card ? (South Africa)

Hello, my name is Fatima from South Africa, my husband got a job in Riyadh, how long does it take to get an iqama card so he can apply for us to also come to Riyadh. Please share how long did it take to get iqama card and any useful advice and tips. Thanks

It really depends on your employer i.e. how efficient they are.  And also whether their formalities are all in order with the relevant government departments.

For me, it took 4 days only from my day of entry on the work visa.   But there are people who wait for months.

Thank you so much for your reply, 4days is quite fast, do you have to wait for probation period to end which in his case is 30days or can he apply immediately? What documents will he need, so he can have it ready so the process can be faster. Thanks again.

Look, probation period has nothing to do with it. It is his employer policy. Government rules don't prevent iqama from being issued within the first week of his arrival irrespective of probation period.  An employer has 90 days to issue iqama for him - it depends on whether they do it in 5 days or 80. I have seen both types of employers.

If he has a work visa already, then nothing further is needed for iqama process. His employer will arrange medical exam and health insurance and then iqama can be issued. As I said, it is ALL in the hands of his employer.

Okay. That is a relief that probation has nothing to do with it, so basically if he does not get an iqama card he won't be able to start working there until his employee gets him one? Thanks for all your help, really appreciate it.

No he can start working on the work visa. But his employer must convert that to an iqama within the stipulated time period.

Okay, thank you for your help.

Another quick question, once he gets his aqama card, can he get myself and my daughter to come to Riyadh immediately or is there a specific amount of time he has to wait to get is there? Thanks again

He can apply immediately once he gets iqama. Assuming your documents etc are in order and his employer provides support for that.

Okay if you can please can you tell me what documents we require so we can have it ready, thanks

Attested marriage and birth certificate. Attestation from Saudi embassy in your home country. Find out the process for that.

Okay thanks will do

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