Concerns regarding working for SSII

Hello everyone,
I had accepted an opportunity of CDI, working for a SSII. No one warned me about and, basically I was not told about the "intercontrat" situation.
I find myself in such a position, after giving up a very good position in an international company in the country I come from.
I am struggling to understand what are my rights, what possibilities I have, what other people did in this situation. It is not ok to stay at home and just wait.
I searched through the internet about this and there are many different opinions up there, some say you get paid, some say you don't, some say you have some rights, some say you might get fired during your essai period. Most of the people complain about the fact they were requested to take vacation..
I would really like to know if someone had such a situation, what did he/she did, what does the law say exactly, what can you do or better, whats best to do!
I understood that feedback is very important in France. Hence if you stay for a while in this situation and you decide to go to another company because you need money, what if the current company gives you bad feedback? What happens also if you put this company in the CV and another one calls them for references...
Thank you in advance for any responses and hope this is not a duplicate thread (I did have a look on the previous topics and didn't find a similar one).

Dear Oana_Negru,

are you currently paid by this company, even if you are in an inter contrat situation?

What are your skills?

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