Fishing in Johor

Hey there fellow fishios! 

ave been posted in JB for almost a year now and am an avid angler. No doubt it is possible to pursue this hobby alone, there are times where renting a boat requires a group of 4-5 to share cost. All are welcome, newbies or experience anglers. I practice catch an release and promote sustainable fishing.

We do deep sea fishing trips out from Tanjung Leman, Kampung Sedili, Kuala Rompin and Kampung Pendas

For Fresh water, we do Linggiu Dam for Giant Snakeheads (Toman) and Jungle Perch (Sebarau)

Fishing is not limited to Johor as I am in the mids of exploring trips from Indonesia and me and my KL gang do frequent trips to other parts of Malaysia and also Thailand.

If your are interested, please feel free to contact me and we can plan future trips.

Hi Mobious,

Assuming I get the green light from Mother Malaysia on my MM2H visa, I hope to do as you do (fish) or join you so that I can learn the lay of the land/waters over there.  I would love to own a boat over there at some point.

Can you PM me with your email address so that I can contact you in the future?

Just for info sake, can you give me an idea of the cost(s) involved for your fishing expeditions?  I am assuming it is not too bad when group shared but you never know.  My boss has gone on fishing expeditions in Alaska and I have a feeling that is not cheap....


Thanks for being the first to reply to my post. Great to hear that you may be making Malaysia home away from home soon. Which city are you thinking of settling in?

To answer your questions, the deep sea fishing charters here can range from 1000-1600 MYR per day, normally a twin outboard 40 ft boat. Depending on where we are fishing, quarry can range from GTs, Sailfish, Cobia, Spanish Mackerals, Snappers and the list goes on. We normally just go ou for a day, if the locations is a bit further then we do 2 days of fishing.

If you do some fly or lure fishing, you may enjoy the freshwater options as it would mean fishing in the lakes around Malaysia and Thailand. This would involve trips up to 5 days in the jungle. Don't worry, we stay in chalets most of the time, there are options to camp if thats your thing. We also do day trips for lake fishing and this is less taxing.

If you are planning to buy a boat, the obvious choice would to be in a city close to a Marina and also close to decent fishing spots. I can hook you up to reputable boat brokers if you require.


I am interested in fishing but I can't say I know much about it. Will be keen to go on fishing trips and share the cost when I am available in JB.

Hi Ariel,

Great to know you are keen on exploring this hobby. We have a couple of trips lined up this year starting March at Pulau Sibu (dates not confirmed yet) and 4-5 October for Kuala Rompin.

There will be other smaller or even bigger trips planned in between and what I'll do is post in this forum when space is available.

Feel free to message me for more information

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