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I am a Pakistani working in AUH currently. Hello, sorry if this question has been asked before, but my Qatar employment Visa application was rejected last month because I was declared medically unfit. My company is applying again and I was wondering if it's a good idea, should I get my hopes up? I was tested at QVC Karachi and my second test will also take place at the same center.

Thank you.

Never lose hope, when the sun goes down its 101% sure next day it will rise again  :top:

Give a try from your side as well before your company apply again visit a well  reputed and Good hospitals where you can repeat the Medical test.
Some few Good hospitals based on review:


It's good to be hopeful but try and find out what your rejection was for as:

1) If it something like HIV, Hep or TB scars; you will have problems everywhere in the GCC in getting visas
2) For the sake of your own health

Thank you so much! I will go for another test next weekend but I'm hesitant because I have not heard of anyone getting passed during second try.

Your advice is valuable for me, I appreciate it.

They have not told me why I was declared unfit. But my future employer said that they were able to apply again, so I'm assuming it was not something serious. I had glue during my first test though.

Thank you!

Well if you are able to reapply, that is good.  This may indicate that you don't have anything serious.

Hi Sid, any update about ur re medical?is it done?

Review the following overview of medical clearance requirements and processes and then upload the relevant documents to your Required Attachments page.

Your general good health with no disability that could compromise or impede the continuous, effective fulfilment of duties is a pre-requisite for employment with Qatar Airways and its Group Subsidiaries.

Qatar Airways Pre-Employment Medical questionnaire (PEM):

The Pre-Employment Medical is a self-declaration form which needs to be filled and submitted on the link Forms to Complete at the earliest.

Any pre-existing medical conditions requiring medical care, specialist follow-up, surgery or regular medication must be declared. Failure to declare such, will adversely affect your employment. Further, all active, chronic or potentially relapsing conditions must also be highlighted.

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the items in the medical history section, please upload related medical reports under supplementary medical test, which will then be forwarded to the Qatar Airways Medical Centre for review.

All medical reports must be stamped and signed to show authenticity. In case your medical exam reports are not in English, then you will need to submit those reports after being translated into English by a certified translator, which should also show a stamp from the medical clinic as well as that of the translator.

Any medical costs incurred for testing or laboratory reports before arrival in Qatar will be borne and paid for by the applicant, not Qatar Airways.

All Joining Staff over 50 years old:Please submit an ECG report

All Technical Staff:Please submit a Visual Acuity / Colour Vision Exam and a Hearing (Audiogram) exam

All Food & Beverage Staff:Please submit a Hep A (lgm) exam and a Stool exam

GCC Approved Medical Clinic Association (GAMCA) Requirements

Qatar defers to the Gulf Approved Medical Clinic Association (GAMCA) for pre-employment medical review of nationals from the following countries only: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Syria.

If you are a national of one of the above countries, you will need to provide a Medical Fitness to Work certificate from a GAMCA clinic in your country, before you will be able to travel.

State of Qatar Medical Commission required documents :

Blood Type Certificate: You are required to submit a certificate showing your blood group when applying for your Residence Permit in Qatar. Please provide a scanned copy your certificate to your coordinator as soon as possible.

Please Note: The State of Qatar requires all arriving employees to undergo full medical screenings (blood test and chest x-ray) done by the Government Medical Commission in Doha, before issuing a Residence Permit for Qatar.

Read the  article  above 👆👆👆

Same issue with me ...can we replay for visa again .can we go to Qatar again on businees visa or visit visa.

Before leaving qatar i did my medical at qatar hospital and they declared me fit based onthat i have cancelled my visa and in india they rejected.

Before leaving qatar i did my medical at qatar hospital and they declared me fit based onthat i have cancelled my visa and in india they rejected.

I have been rejected on medical grounds. Can anyone guide me what to do next. Thanks

Hello u got any update regarding this
Because I have same issue

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