Security Guards, Home Alarms, General Security in Mauritius?

In mainland Africa often having a security guard for a stand-alone home in an ungated community  is necessary, and always having a home alarm system linked to fast responding private firms is a must.

In Africa we have to have fully barred windows and a secure room i.e. bedrooms with steel doors  to avoid the nasty consequences of home invasions.

In Kenya an alarm facility that include emergency response ( i.e. they will send an ambulance if needed) is around US$87.00 a month.

What is the general situation in Mauritius for this? We don't intend to live gated, and actually will prefer living  on a single dwelling with garden, even if a little away from town centres.

Any general comments on home security in Mauritius are welcomed.

Hi Peter

In Mauritius, I would recommend that you live in a house with barred windows. No need to go to the extreme of having steel doors - unless you have some kind of treasure to protect.

Certainly install a camera surveillance system.
You can also install a stand alone alarm system. The surveillance system can trigger the alarm system as well.

The alarm system can also be a managed one; ie it is monitored by a Security company such that as the alarm is triggered, the company will send a couple security guards to investigate.

Mauritius is *relatively* safe. But thefts, muggings, murders, etc do occur. Obviously, you need to be cautious.

One day, I bought a huge TV. I removed the carton box packaging and because it was too big for my household bin, I put the packaging outside my house. Now, every passer-by knew that I had a massive TV, the make, model and can figure out how much it costs. Couple of months later, I got a few unwelcome visitor/s. Bye-bye huge TV!

It took me some time to figure out that my inadvertent action of not hiding my trash likely led to my house being burgled.

Now, I have alarms and surveillance cameras which I imported and installed myself. It's all linked to my phone.  I also have a dog just in case the technology fails me!

Also, when installing a camera surveillance system be careful about who is installing it. For example, ask installer the question: "What happens if a thief comes in and steals the DVR where all the camera footage is stored?". You'll be surprised by the answers they will give you and you will realise that a camera surveillance system needs a real time offsite backup to be effective and most likely the installer don't provide that feature/service.

In summary, Mauritius is *relatively* safe but be cautious!


Thank you...thats what I thought....... not like Kenya were armed home invasions are regaulr features....but then we are like 90% better than South Africa!!

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