Riyadh to Dubai by road

Hi all,
I got a visa to the UAE for 90 days, I am planning to go in my car.

do anyone travelled recently by road to UAE.

1. what are the additional documents I need to carry with me.
2. how much I have to spend for the third party insurance in the border
3. is there anything like only 5 years cars will be allowed?


Carry your car papers and make sure that the car is your name.  If it is on a bank loan or in some one else's name, you would need to get authorization from them.

I don't know the cost for 3rd party insurance but it is likely to be nominal depending on the time period you take it for.  Model is not a restriction as far as i know.

thank you

appreciate for the clarification.


Insurance for Saudi card only uae border is as follows

Saloon and station cars insurances
14 days insurance. [at]200 AED
1 month. [at]300
3 months[at]400
6 months [at]500
1year [at]800

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