Organic products in Germany

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As a consumer in Germany, you may seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle by choosing mostly organic products. If you do favour such products, we would like to know more about your consumption habits.

Is it easy to find organic products in Germany (cosmetics, food, etc.)? Where can we find them?

Are organic products more or less expensive than in your country of origin? What average monthly budget do you spend on them?

Can we rely on labels on organic products in Germany? Are the origins of the products verified by an organization?

Are organic products part of German culture? Have you ever tried to make your own organic products (candles, toothpaste, gardening, food)?

In your opinion, is the consumption of organic products only a fad or does it have real benefits on one’s health?

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There are plenty of organic products in Germany and shops that sell nothing but. One also finds an ever increasing amount of such things in normal shops. And as it goes more main-stream, the prices have fallen. I tend to buy certain organic things like toothpaste, deodorant, milk, eggs, carrots, coffee and bananas on a regular basis but many other products only if I find a really good price.

My personal standard is that I will pay up to 30 or 40% for organic but not the 50%+ that many things often cost. I have lived abroad for a long time so prices back in my home country are irrelevant, the question is how much do they cost compared to the non-organic offerings.

And there are strict regulations for organics in Germany including occasional checks by independent organizations. One might be a bit suspicious if discounters for example are really selling certified organic but most checks seem to confirm it.

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