Organic products in Austria

Hello everyone,

As a consumer in Austria, you may seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle by choosing mostly organic products. If you do favour such products, we would like to know more about your consumption habits.

Is it easy to find organic products in Austria (cosmetics, food, etc.)? Where can we find them?

Are organic products more or less expensive than in your country of origin? What average monthly budget do you spend on them?

Can we rely on labels on organic products in Austria? Are the origins of the products verified by an organization?

Are organic products part of Austrian culture? Have you ever tried to make your own organic products (candles, toothpaste, gardening, food)?

In your opinion, is the consumption of organic products only a fad or does it have real benefits on oneĺs health?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Organic products are called Bio in Austria, and are freely available in all major supermarkets, as well as BIPE and DM who also do organic ranges in cosmetics and cleaning solutions. A good brand to look out for is Frosch which are mostly organic. Even Hofer (Aldi) and Lidl have their own ranges. All are also certified by the Foods Ministry.

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