Information regarding IT Jobs in China


I would to go in China, live here a few years, maybe.. Depends of the opportunity...

Does someone here is working in IT ?  It looks to be pretty difficult to find a job in this area.

I have many years of experience, so I am not looking for a junior job.

I am curious to understand if I should try to find a Canadian company who have office(s) in China or I should try to find a job 'directly' but how and where find advertising.

I speak a little Mandarin, English and French.

Thank you for your comments,


There are many IT jobs in China. I lived in Hangzhou and I worked part-time for Cisco Systems (China) whose main office, as you may know, is in San Fransico,  California. I worked there for 2 years until I moved to another city and province in China. I am no sure of any Canadian companies, but I am sure that there are some. You'll have to do your research on that.

Another city where I worked and I had friends working for IT companies is in Changsha, Hunan Province. It was a very busy place especially downtown where I taught school. You will find tons of companies there and around the city.

Good Luck!

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