Business, shipping containers, incorporations

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I know its covered in many threads but I'm hoping to have it all in one.

Hers the scenario.
Haitian, living in America, wants to move to DR in January, wants to open a business,  type of business hes unsure, is looking for best method of shipping cargo containers to the DR

I'm thinking theres a hell of a lot more involved than just shipping a container and poof you have a business.

And go.  Lol
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Well this person must open a corp, thats not difficult. To live here and work here he needs residency and needs to qualify for it. Not necessarily simple.

Shipping containers -  so just importing empty containers OR importing containers full of something?  Depending what he is importing there will be rules! Some are simple some are not.

There are lots of details involved,  shipping costs,  costs at customs, duty, taxes etc.  Its not simple.

Yes.  I knew it wouldn't be simple for sure.  Full containers of goods. Residency should go ok.  I have a contact there.  It's just determining the best place to buy from.  Importing from the US or buying from Mexico or China.

Where should I start to get quotes on shipping sea cans?

Depends where you are buying from. First determine what you want to buy and from where. Do the research on  whether these can be imported and what the fees will be. Then look at shipping costs. 

Do ALL of that before you buy anything!  And first you need a corporation! 

In terms of residency contacts are no longer very much help. There is a whole process in place.

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