Expat.com gathering in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh - Thursday, Nov. 7

Hello everyone  :cheers:

After The D, let's meet up at The Drinks  Uong Di (District) on Thursday, November 7 from 6pm.

We heard that they have delicious pizzas and you'll get a 20% discount on your total bill (Offer may not be combined with Happy Hour offers).

----------------------------> Information and registration this way  :top:

Why is it that you people keep organizing meets at noisy locations?

Also... when is expat.com going to schedule "meets" at locations that EXPATS own .... we have members that own coffee shops, & restaurants. Why are "we" not supporting our own members?

Hello Jefjones,

Thank you for your message.
As we are not on site, it can be tricky for us to pick up the perfect place.

That is why we are actually looking for a co-ambassador to help us organize Expat.com gatherings.
We need members like you to help us find nice venues. Please, if you have some names in mind, share them with us. If we can organize Expat.com events there, it will be with great pleasure :)

Also, if you are interested in giving us a hand organize gatherings in the city, please contact me by message. I will be happy to chat with you.

Sorry, I can/will not give out other members personal information ... but you have the "administrator" tag .... aren't YOU supposed to know your members?

HOPEFULLY one of them will step forward and offer their coffee shop as a location where we can actually TALK to each other instead of shouting over a crowded room of people.

But i am SERIOUSLY sick and tired of this community NOT using Expat Owned businesses as a venue ...

I was suggesting you giving me names of venues, not members... :/

Thank you for your suggestion. Members who do own a coffee shop or a restaurant in the city are welcome to contact us. We'll be happy to organize something with them.

Your reply did not promote any expat owned business or adequately return support to any expat members!!!

Would you find it acceptable for another member to publish the location of your home and business without your consent?

A business like a restaurant or bar, yes.  How does it hurt if you don't say who owns it?  It's not like they want the business to be anonymous.

Hello everyone,

You will be glad to know that our next gathering in December, will be at in a venue owned by a member, expatriate in Vietnam.  :)

In the meantime, for those who want to meet in November, we still have a gathering happening at The Drinks  Uong Di (District 1) this coming Thursday from 6pm.

what a joke. more inappropriate outsourcing. why don't you just let 'expats' organise themselves as they want to, or not?  a site run by actual expats would be nice.

Hello Macintyre,

That is exactly the idea. Those gatherings are organized by "expats", members of Expat.com. Rodolphe, Jean-Michel and Freek are 3 Expat.com ambassadors, expatriates in Vietnam, who are organizing those gatherings and are welcoming members.
The admin, like me, is just here to help them promote their meetings so that everybody who want to join (or not) can do it.

macintyre :

what a joke. more inappropriate outsourcing. why don't you just let 'expats' organise themselves as they want to, or not?  a site run by actual expats would be nice.

As long as the foundation is already in place, eh?

No one is stopping you from creating one from scratch.

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