Obtained Certificate of Citizenship - What next ?

Would appreciate any help from anyone who has been in the same situation..

I've recently obtained a certificate of Citizenship via descent and am returning to Mauritius to obtain my ID card and passport..

Regarding the ID card, can anyone comment on next steps ? Do i just have to turn up at the NIC centre in Port Louis with my certificate and birth certificate and that's it.. Or is there something i need to do in advance ?

the NIC website is a bit unclear!


Hi dear

You need to submit a proof of address..CWA ...CEB or Telecom bill but on your name as it appears on your passport ....you need a recent birth certificate not more than six month old .....your passport ..but must not expire within coming six months .....you need to make copies of all these documents .....may be 2 copies of each ...then you present yourself at the Social Security Offices ...either in Rose Hill or P louis  ..opening hours as from 9 am

Hope this will help

Sanjay Motah

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