Brazilian residency status pros and cons

I have been in Sao Paulo working for two years and my work permit is soon to expire. My company rather than renew my work visa want to apply for a residency status for me. My company probably has considered the financial benefits of this decision as I imagine in the long term it will be more economical for them. I still see myself as a UK citizen which is where I was born, and I am still contributing to the national insurance stamps there for a state pension when i reach the right age and I have an address there and a bank account.  Would any of you kind folk know what would be the implications of this decision to take on a residency status here in Brazil to my UK nationality and UK citizen status? Could it create problems for me in the UK? Are there any benefits from the residency status here in Brazil that a temporary work visa does not provide? Is it worth it? Any advice greatly received!

Permanent resident status in Brazil should not affect your British nationality or citizenship in any way.  And as long as you visit Brazil at least every two years, it will let you stay as long as you like, for the rest of your life.  Go for it!

As abthree states it should not be  problem. I remain a US citizen, pay US taxes and insurance. Be sure to keep your passport currant, visit U and you will be fine.

Is the company British or Brazilian? When it comes to you, I don´t see any benefit if any,whatsoever.  I know that the UK does not tax you on overseas income. Brazil would however if it originates here.

I suspect the company has something to gain... If you become a resident of Brazil would your benefits change like health insurance, their obligation to the UK gov´t. like taxes etc.? Can you cite anything to us that´s pertinent?


Very good point Doc. Did no think of it on that end.

I also wonder if you become a resident, will they start paying you in reais especially if it´s a Brazilian company? That would be beneficial to the company but very bad for you because the real has been losing value to a great extent lately.

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