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Please can you recommend any health insurance providers for expats in Brazil, what are the rough costs and requirements for taking out this type of insurance?

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Hi Ikexplorer,

Try to get a free quote here: https://www.expat.com/en/insurance/sout … ca/brazil/

I recommend searching available networks in your city of residence. Amil, Unimed and others.
Once you arrive get a CPF (or you can obtain CPF at Consulate) and register for SUS (BR Gov Health plan). Once here begin search for private insurance.
There are Expat Health plans, but remember these are "out of pocket" plans, which you pay the Dr/hospital then submit the bills for reimbursement. (Wait for money and my have to answer questions). A few may have agreements with certain hospitals, but the hospitals may not be close.
Cannot give you a quote, due to you need to have examinations and some plans exclude pre existing conditions for 2 years and age is a factor.

We use Hapvida, which is probably the biggest network in the North and Northeast.   They operate on an HMO basis, where you see their doctors and use their facilities whenever possible, and they make outside referrals only if they don't offer a service themselves.  That helps control costs, but it's not to everyone's liking.
Pricing is based on age, with annual increases capped by the Government.   Pricing is fixed at around age 63, and after that can only go up by the annual increase;  some plans will not accept new members at or above that agr.
Ask around among local Brazilians about which companies are good.  It's very regional, and one that's excellent in Belo Horizonte or São Paulo may be mediocre or worse in Salvador.
As Tex recommends, get your SUS card ASAP.  Once you're in Brazil you're covered, but it speeds your treatment.   You'll want it for emergencies, and for vaccinations, etc.

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