Preparing for my move

Good morning everyone. It has been a while. So much has changed in the past month. Last i have visited the dominican and since i have been pregnant haha. But it is a blessing. After many month of discussion i have decided i will come to the dominican to marry and live with my boyfriend and father to be. For this i need your help. I know there are many scattered posts but i would like to simply make a quick list of what i can prepare in the next few mo th as i prepare for this huge move. I am due in March and would only move around july/august of 2020.

I have not had the time to visit many of the cities around yet so when i come i will rent close to the bavaro area until i find the perfect place to settle with him. Although we have a house in the village. That life is not one i am readdy to settle for right now. Especially with a baby.

What i need to know is the basics a starting point. Residencia. Medical insurence for me and the baby. Should i open a scotia bank account here in canada? Would it be easy to find a podiatrist for my baby over there?

Any help is apreciated. Even if it is links to the right posts :)

Thanks a bunch!

Congratulations on all of this! 

Residencia will be easier once you are married.  You will have to return home to file your paperwork but it's likely the easiest way.  And it's a quick route to citizenship.

You may want to consider a visit and getting married sooner rather then later, would make things easier.

Medical insurance is easy, I can help you with it. 

Pretty sure you meant paediatrician for your child.  I am sure there are good ones in the area.

Where to live will depend on so many variables!  It's hard to make suggestions without more info.

Well if my doctor gives me a go to travel i would be coming for a visit in the next month or so. I can get married then if need be. I can get my papers ready for that purpose. And yes baby doctor lol always mix my feet with my baby haha

That actually made me laugh out loud!

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