Passport Renewal and RNE

Hey Y'all

I am planning on renewing my USA passport (my photo is very old) and I realized that the passport number changes when you get a new passport. I have a permanent visa based on Family Reunification and have my RNE all set and sound. I wanted to know if getting a new passport will require me to update my RNE or if I just keep a hold of the old passport and all is set?

I can't find any info on this so if anyone has any experiences I would appreciate it.

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Hi, Lilyth,

No, no problem.  I replaced my passport this year, and didn't see any need to report it to the Federal Police.
I do keep the old passport, and will have it with me traveling outside Brazil, just in case the Federal Police want to see my VIPER, but the CIE/CRNM should be enough.

Hey thanks so much! I checked out the Us site and i couldnt find any specific info on it. Another question, did you keep your old passport while they were doing the new one? Also how long did it take? I have recently started traveling alot for work so thats why im a little worried about it.

Yes I retain the expired passport. The renewal was ready at the end of the same day. Be sure to read the instructions an fill out the form and appointment and have all the requested documents
Timing may be different today. I did this a couple years ago. You may have to return another day to pick it up.

As Tex said, you keep your old passport.
WRT timing, ask the US Consulate in SP whether they have an expedited service - they may.  Mine took about a month, but here in Manaus we only have a Consular Agency, not a full Consulate.   Saved us from having to go to Brasília, but the documents still had to make the trip.

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