Cheap apartment near Maple Tree building D7?

My cousin from Singapore is coming to Saigon, looking to settle down for at least 1 year to set up her business. She wants to live in a safe & quiet neighborhood. She doesn't know how to ride the motorbike so she wants to stay close to Maple Tree Building D7 (near Vivo city) where she will set up her office to cut down on transportation costs.

Ideally, the rent should be lower than $400/month. It would be great if there's a gym nearby!


Hi Phuongng1993,

You should post an ad in the housing in Saigon section.

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What is the size of unit she is expecting?

To get a Sub let of a room can be possible with this budget if she is looking for an apartment.

Sporean has a Good taste of housi g selection though.

What currency are you quoting. Usd or sing dols?

She's looking for a 1-bedroom apartment, ideally 50 - 60 m2. She's willing to pay upfront for the first 3 months. And I'm quoting Sing dollar :)

Wow a clean, 50m2 apartment in D7 for USD$300, does that really exists?

No , these are unrealistic expectations. Get real !

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