Just for fun: History of Ecuador

Hello everyone,

Whether you’re a history buff or not, here’s a chance to learn about the history of Ecuador. Below are a few trivia questions to test whether you have the correct facts.

1. Name 3 iconic monuments/structures in Ecuador
2. What is the name of the national anthem? When and by whom was it created?
3. Name 2 eminent national historical figures
4. When is the national day celebrated in Ecuador?
5. Which are the most important turning points in the Ecuadorian history?

Thanks for participating,

I can not "dissemble" (B...l S....T), I can not answer any of these questions!

I only know,

     That "Equador" is a very stable state in South America.  It is also a place that is "welcoming" to American "ExPatriates".  It has one of the most stable weather characteristics (Equatorial) "meterlogisting" speaking, one can speak "some Spanish" but not a lot when entering the country and be able to progress "comfortably" with the local poplulation.
     The only issues I have are in the "atmospheric events" with the effects of "Global Warming" and the relationships the country has with it's "immediate" neighbors.
     Also, we plan to travel the world, how problamatic will this be from Ecuador?

Stephen Watkins :

Also, we plan to travel the world, how problamatic will this be from Ecuador?

It is my understanding that until you achieve perm res status you will only be allowed 90 days out of the country each year, then after that just need to show up once a year.  If you are traveling the world as a USA citizen, why set up shop elsewhere?  As a US Citizen you still need to file USA income taxes every year no matter where you live.

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