Job In Kuwait

hi everyone! Is anyone of you know how to live in Kuwait and find decent job for nursing there? I am planning to transfer there when my contracy is finish here in Saudi Arabia. If any, can you recommend a good company or hospital. By the way, I am a nurse. Thank you

Hi , living in Kuwait is similar to KSA lifestyle because both are Arab GCC countries.But accommodation in Kuwait is more expensive than KSA , transportation are available all over Kuwait. Regarding nursing jobs , best way is to search in Google for hospitals list and contact their HR. Nursing jobs are in high demand here !

All the best!

Yeah, been searching in the internet because my contract is about to end. But I plan to apply on my country of origin then come back again. I am just asking for recommended hospital or clinic there in Kuwait that gives good salary and benefits.

Apply for Alia International Hospital.

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