Looking Indian cook job

looking Indian cook job in Europe... I have many years experience in working in indian cuisine..
And also done diploma in Hotel management...

First of all you need a work visa in able you to work. Do you speak any other European langauges other than English?

Ya i want work visa and i know only English no other European languages

I'm sorry but its going to be hard. May be pick a country and ask in them.

It's not hard  for you am  Indian  and now working in india... Basically i give you some important country name like netherland ,UK., Romania Germany n like Malta and Cyprus..
Plz try to find...

Expat.com is to share advice to help members to find jobs. You have to do the work. As I have said before, you have to post in the countries that you have said. Possibly upload your CV in the Job Section of the said countries.

OK  I will post thanks for  information...

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