How many expats give up there Medicare Health Insurance

I am paying two charges for healthcare. I have Permanent residence in Brazil. I pay health insurance in Brazil and also USA. I was thinking of canceling my Medicare in the USA because it doesn’t covers me in Brazil. It’s only good for 3 months if your in a foreign country. Just wonder how many people who are expat from the USA have canceled there Medicare. Pro and Con welcome

Like you, I have private insurance in Brazil, and pay for Medicare, too.  I have no intention of ever living outside Brazil again, but I've kept my Medicare Part A and Part B.  Here's why:
1. If I have a serious, non-emergency issue that requires state of the art care, like cancer or a joint replacement, I want the option of receiving it in the US.
2. Part A is free if you've paid sufficient Medicare taxes during your working career, so there's no economic reason to opt out.
3. I don't find the premium for Part B onerous -- it comes out of my Social Security benefit.  The penalty for dropping Part B and going back later is high:  10% of the premium for every year you're not covered, for life, in the form of a permanently higher premium.
I was kicked out of Part D because I no longer live in the United States.  If I go back, I would expect the penalty to be waived, because it's not possible to be enrolled in a plan from abroad.  But I'm willing to cross that bridge when/if I come to it.

You should maintain your medicare for the following reasons:

1. Economic, social and political conditions in Brazil could change for the worse and could make you change your mind and go back to the USA. Big penalties if you re-enroll!

2. New medications and procedures are constantly being discovered for previously uncurable diseases and are out of reach of Brazilian health care.

3. And what would be your insurance if you travel to the US and get sick or get into an accident?

4. You divorced and got married again and now with children. You want to educate your children in the USA. Who knows... You might need that insurance back.

4. Like has been mentioned, it´s not expensive to pay your premium of approx $100 a month.

If you´re a retired military like me maybe you can. There´s the VA and military hospitals of the Navy, Army and Air Force to take care of you if you suffer a catastrophic illness - with no deductibles!


Another vote for keeping it.

I am keeping it simple :Go Blue Cross /Blue Sheild....been fortunate no illness to date, most services here I go SUS...if beyond SUS , I will go back to the USA for any and all Medical Issues, I just kept my Medical from Retirement . It seems like a waste , yet one never knows....I mean Zika is alive and well ....and I am too...

I am not sure what I would need Medicare for other than what BC/BS will not cover....

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