is it necessary to register on Absher to check iqama details?

Hey, I am staying out of Saudi Arabia at this time. but want to check my iqama details. MOI website is redirecting me towards Absher when I try to check iqama. I was reading here that now it is not possible to check details without Absher account.

The problem is Absher requires a Saudi phone number for account verification and I don't have because I am in Pakistan at this time. what should I do now to check my details?

Ask someone you know that has Absher account to check your iqama details.

thank you

Saudi Iqama is just a resident permit here in Saudi Arabia It is now also known as Muqeem Card
or Resident Identity The work visa you got is valid only for three months and before it’s
expiry your sponsor or kafeel should apply and get an Iqama for you.
This 3 month period is also considered as a probation period.
If both the parties are happy to go along then it is good otherwise a contract
can be terminated in this period.......

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