Agency in Dubai for UK work

Anyone knows agency in Dubai who giving work for UK.
Need career change.

Thanks in advance.

To keep it simple, there is no such "legal" agency.

Why?  because in the UK and indeed all of Europe, you can only work there if you are a citizen or permanent resident.  They do not recruit from outside as to do that, they have to certify that a similar candidate cannot be found within whole of the country.  That is only possible for roles which are very unique e.g. scientists etc.  So simply, the rest of the world is not like UAE or GCC countries - because they don't have a labor shortage like here.

The only ways to legally move there are:

1) Work for a multinational company in UAE which can transfer you to their UK office - the process is much simpler vs. what I described before
2) Go for a skilled point based immigration or be in a profession that has special programs e.g. doctors / nurses.  Apply through this route with the relevant authorities

And be VERY careful if some agency says that they can do this.  See this sticky on the scams below:

Thank you for this.

Hi, What career are you in at the moment and what do you fancy doing?


I'm working as Clerk for 4 years and right now I'm starting my study for International Caregiver Certification and Training

Good luck hope you all the success

Thanks! Same you too  :)

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