When S Pass Approved?

What is the maximum processing time to get the approval for s pass? how can i check online?I got a job in transworld shipping singapore as a line manager through an employment agency .I have completed MBA and have an experience in management sector. They said that salary will be 2200 S$.they applied 3 months ago.still it is under processing,they told that still status shows pending.what should i understand these things??????

With an MBA and work experience, you are grossly underpaid at only S$2200/month.
The minimum salary to get an S-Pass is S$2300/month - and that is for technicians without academic degrees.
In your case a salary within market standards (and only with that you will get any work visa) would be the range S$4000-8000/month.
Since you mentioned an agency applied for your visa: log into EPOnline with your FIN (which the agency or the employer can give you) and check what is shown there.
If your application is really pending that long, ask the employer to contact MoM and find out what is holding it up.
Also: All fees for applying for work visa must be paid for by the employer, by law. If the agency tried to charge you for it, they are scammers and there is most likely no application and no job for you. It is better to not engage such agents, but deal with the employer directly!

whats the maximum period for approval and reject the application? from mom. when fin no generated after applied.

We had cases here on the forum where the process topok 3 - 4 month and longer. But that is not the rule.
Please note that the duration has no implication on approval or rejection chances!
The FIN is generated when the processing officer enters the application into the system - which is normally a few days (maximum a week) after the application is submitted.

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