Job Change On Single Work Permit 2019

Hi All,

I currently have a single permit tied to my employer. I am planning to change my job. As this year (2019), the new way of work permit ("Single Permit") was introduced.

I got mine (single permit) in 3 months during the work extension this year. But in couple cases of my friends it took more than 4-5 months

What happens if a new company applies a work permit for me and I do a resignation (which is necessary for the application).

And after the completion of my resignation which is 1 month. I will have no work. I need to supposedly wait 3-4 months.

Am I allowed to stay in Belgium in this "state of no work" as my work permit process is still in progress?

Let say, If I get the acknowledgment for the work permit early, which happened in my case this year. But the decision on residence permit is pending. What would happen?

Please help

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