North Coast Meet Up

Hola Hola!!

Who is interested in a NC meet up?

Proposed date : Saturday, December 7th

Proposed location /s: Flip Flop-close to the beach, or Hispaniola Restaurant-ample parking.

Proposed time: 2pm?? I am not sure how these work in regards to when people are comfortable traveling. Please suggest times if this is not good.

I can check location availability after we see interest level.

Please respond with feedback and availability.


We'll miss this one but are looking at being back by spring.

Honey you have to decide and make it stick. Dont put things out for concensus!  THIS IS THE MEET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Count me in!

We have guests at that time, so we are a great big "maybe"?  But Flip Flops is a better venue, in my opinion, if it gets rowdy.  😉

We are bringing our guests with us!

Yes, bring your guests!!!

We plan on asking, to be sure!  Small children are the variable in question.

I will pick Uncle Buck and all family members up and we'll pile in my car DR style...we will be there!

I can drive small children + caretakers back when needed...I'm recalling last spring's pitch black drive on new black top with no reflective markers of any kind...your casa to rental Villa! YIKES...that was the worst! So, piece of cake..., December 7th, 2 PM at Flip Flop.

I may have a couple other people to join...

Brodies, you're hilarious!!!  And you did that with a tire light on, new car, and no cell phone.  Brave girl!!!!

And thank you, we will have to see what our guests decide.  I'm sure we'll be in touch.

Dec 7th - definitely will put it on the calendar for my wife and I.  Just give the address when location is confirmed.

"new" car??? Ok...I'll grant you "new" to me...but old and trashed are better adjectives for that car...Hahaha...Speaking of no cell phone...I forgot it at home again! I think I resent that thing controlling my life!

ChristiE will have to make an executive decision...Uncle Buck, better halves, and I like the Waterfront...even though it's's never very full....

Nope place is set!   We can't please everyone, Everytime!

So, is it Flip FLop?  ChristiE PM'ed me asking what I thought...that's the only reason I made a different suggestion! Flip Flop isn't very big, right?

It depends on how many people show up,  one side of the place has tables set up close together, all friendly-like, and the other side has the bar, tables, TV's and such.  If it's anything like the last one,  a table for 3 will suffice.  It was StanR, and us two.  Good visit with Stan though.

I want to be there right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :sosad:

Me too!
I am going to message the Flip Flop and see if they are cool with it. I like Waterfront too but the service is better at FF. I will post again soon.

Hola all North Coasters!! Flip Flop messaged me last night and would be happy to host our meet up.

Saturday, December 7th, 2pm. Flip Flop is just past the Check Point at the entrance to Sosua Beach. Bar type food, Dominican food, icy cold Presidente, and great service. You can find them on FB as Flip Flop Sports Bar.

Hope to see you there!

There is also a holiday market [at]Hispaniola Restaurant the same day. Starts at 3. Not sure how long it runs. Just in case anyone was interested.

SOunds awesome -looking forward to meeting new folks and seeing some we met before. Apart from you folks that live in the area, is there any place in particular that out of towners might be staying? I'm considering the Europa Plaza Hotel, which is jsut a few steps or stumbles from Plan B...cheers

WOndering if anyone in Sosua area has seen or will see Tinker to speak with him about attending. My wife and I will definitely drop by his place on Friday the 6th and if nobody's already offered, we get him there and home again. Cheers

Thank you for doing that!!!

Natura Villaga Bungalows are nice. Quiet, private..

Thanks Cjristie - elected to book in at the Belamar Hotel Resort which is just a two or three minute walk from the Flip Flop. Will try the Bungalows next time over....

2VP, I missed a call from Tinker today, and will return it on Monday.  He said he's alive and in Sosua still, so that's a good start!  I'll get back to you with any info.

That's great Buck - looking forward to meeting you and others.....cheers

2VP, I talked to Tinker, and he is excited by your visit but the Meet Up may be too much for him.  He is totally blind, so eating and drinking without seeing the food or utensils is difficult, and he seems self-conscious about it.  See what happens when you visit.  I can't help bring him, as we'll be on foot ourselves.

Thank you guys for caring!!

Well, all we can do is give our best shot.....One thing, if anyone around ever thinks of it. He likes North American type hot dog wieners and Campbells style Pork & Beans.. the one store that has them is on the south north end of town right by the lights on the left if heading towards PP. I have 6 half cans with ring top opening so no opener needed - just a thought to pass along. Cheers....

24 days until Flip Flop NC meetup!

We are ready - car rental reserved, hotel reserved, dog sitter ready......still too much time...hahaha

I am sooooo ready to get outta here and get into THERE! We get into town 12/4. I am anxious to see how it looks with all the brothels moved down the street.

If you have not been to Flip Flop, or had their food, I think you will like it. It is not a big place, but we can gather there and see what happens.

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