Moving to Pakistan from UK

Hi everyone!

So I currently live in the UK and have gotten married 5 months ago to my husband who is studying in a Lahore university. I would like to move to Pakistan as my husband is in his final year of completing his architecture degree and I feel like any business he would open or architecture work would be more beneficial in Pakistan as opposed to the UK. I would be looking to move there hopefully by the end of next year, at present nobody I know  thinks it is a good idea so I would really like some advice please!! My husband does have quite a few links in Lahore and hopefully we would get a property there for rent initially... Any advice please help!

Hi ! And welcome !
Well firqst think to consider is if you are muslim .... because even in a big city like Lahore , where you can find plenty people who can speak english ... theres still some kind of islamic behavior they spect from women ....

Speacislly one married woman .

So if you are muslim , you have the half way done .

Depends on what area would you live .... must try to have a car ... or it will be a nightmare to deal with the rickshaws( the motor-bikes taxis)

Also come with a lot sum of money or savings because most of the food , we foreigners, are used to can be really expensive ...

Or maybe if its yoir first time here you might get sick because of the food ... so having money for s good doctor can be also expensive .

So the good thing is only you and no babies or  children ?

Hope you like spicy food .. because is the only thi g you re gonna get 😅 , theres a lot of international food restaurants too like KFC , Charbroiled junior , pizza hut or Burger King but they are also kind of expensive if you guys are not working and just studying trying to bring up a bussiness ... you are gonna need to do some money cuts .

Does his family lives in Lahore ?

Many pakistani men  loves to be near or live with their families . So that can ve a little stressfull for us foreigners ...

The heat seasons and power cuts are other reasons for adding extra stress for us .

Sometimes in election seasons or religion days , the goverment will cut the internet too .

So this changes can be thought  , have to have a lot of patient and understanding from each other .

Hope everthing goes fine

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