Spass terminated but looking to stay, what are the odds?

My contract came to an end and was not renewed so my SPass was terminated. I would like to stay here longer. I have already started my 30 days, and have already been job hunting. However, what are my odds of finding a job and being able to get another pass?

The 30 days SVP granted after the end of a work pass is non-extendable.
It is VERY unlikely that you find a job AND complete the formalities for a new work pass withgin a month.
Thus you should prepare for a (hopefully temporary) absence while waiting for a new pass, if you manage to find a job within this time. (Since I don't know your background and the job market in your field, I cannot tell what your chances are for that.)

Thanks for your reply, Beppi. I work in a pretty niche industry so I know it can be kind of complicated. But lets speculate and say that I do manage to find a job, and they are willing to sponsor me. Lets say they start the application about a week before my 30days are over, even in that case there wouldnt be an extension?

Would you have any idea on how long this application would take to process?
What are the odds it gets rejected?

Thanks for all your help and input!

There will be no SVP extension, also under the circumstances you describe. You’ll have to leave the country.
A work pass application usually takes 1 - 2 months.

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