Relocation to Malaysia to open a business


Can someone provide a step-by-step guide for Foreigners, opening a company and getting a work visa on their company's name (for self, spouse, and kids)? I did google and basically, I see that you can open and register a company (sdn bhd). But does that company provide you the legal status to stay in Malaysia with your family?

My plan is to open a company and with the investment (RM 500,000) in that company, I buy a franchise. Also, please explain if I must hire a local Malaysian Director and a Shareholder or can I can solely be the Director of my company?

Finally, can I start the process remotely or I have to be in Malaysia to start my company creation and registration?

Thank you!

Hi tanveers,

you can also have a look at this article: Setting up a business in Malaysia

Good luck,

Thanks, Christine.

Can anyone else share his/her own experience and provide guidance, please?


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