Interested in Relocating to the Dominican Republic

Hey guys! I work online and run a virtual call center. I am trying to live in Puerto Plata but I am not sure where to find apartments. I have two small children and me and my husband want to make this dream come true!

I need some assistance in finding the best apartment that is furnished as well as purchasing a vehicle online.



Welcome to the forums.  You can contact Sahil Martinez at 809-881-0874 he has many listings in the area. Check as well the listings here in the classifieds. You may get lucky.

For vehicles -  there are a lot of complications, I suggest you use  Mike Logan -  he is on this forum regularly as Cruffman, you can also private message him. He offers a service to help find vehicles.

Understand that unless you have residencia or are Dominican you cannot drive here legally after your "visa" status is expired.  You can own a vehicle, yes. But if you have no Dominican license you can get into trouble if your visa status is not legal.

How long will it take to do my "residencia"? Should I start that while I am in the United States?

You must start that while in the USA honey,  there is a whole thread on residencia.  It all starts there.  I can also recommend an excellent lawyer who will walk you thru the process. Lishali is at 809-860-1231 she speaks excellent english and she is on whatsapp!

Being a Dominican is doing everything for yourself. No lawyers, or special interests groups... and Dominican Racist places that white people migrate.

Not sure what you mean by this last post.  It boarders on unacceptable, the last comment.

Can you explain what you mean in the first part.  I know plenty of Dominicans who use lawyers here!


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Hahahahahaha I'd like to see those comparisons.  I only use good quality service providers, period.

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Sorry, but the Dominican People are also my people. I don't steer people. Freedom of speech extends on this site. ***

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It looks really that you are making a lot of promotion for this Special Lawyer Lishali . That says some

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Pemiku95 :

It looks really that you are making a lot of promotion for this Special Lawyer Lishali . That says some

Actually several people recommend her. Nobody that I know promotes her.  If you look in previous posts I also recommend others and have done for years. 

When people ask, we recommend based on our experiences and those we know.  Simple.

Newbie, Let's be nice and respectful. I am relocating to the DR and will be in the San Cristobal Province near that city. Looking for a house and a transportation. Any guidance with either of these issues would be greatly appreciated. I have noticed that most of the real estate adds are for the North or East Coast. But, I visited Playa Najayo, love the place !!! Local food, local people, it's the bomb. One Sunday, afternoon wound up playing dominoes under a mango tree, eating fresh seafood. Yep. stick a fork in me, I am done.

Oh, by the way I am divorced, and retiring there. Been there 3 times, Love It !!! Been teaching myself Spanish. Also need information about social activities, for locals and Expats. I like to dance, live music, and attend church.

Hi Wayne, welcome to the forums!   I love your post..... you made me smile. 

I live and work in Santo Domingo and have employees from San Cristobal, but I have not actually visited there. 

Are you looking to rent or to buy? We always always advise renting for  6 to 12 months, then buy. That way you know the areas better (specific neighborhoods)  and know where you want to stay long term.

Transportation -  will you be getting residencia?  You can only drive on a foreign license while your visa is valid.  If on a tourist visa then its very short term.  If you are coming on residencia visa you will be much better off while waiting on your residencia to be finalized. Then you can get a dominican license! 

I am not sure on the social activities in San Cristobel but happy to ask my staff for you.

If you like to dance the you are all set.... dancing is everywhere, just like dominoes is everywhere..... LOL

Thanks for the warm welcome.
Look forward to hearing from you and eventually meeting you when I come back in early Jan.
Thx Again

jdjonesdr lives there in San Cristobel if I am correct so maybe the best guy to advise on accommodation. PM him. He has already contributed to this thread earlier.

You should also try a wee bit farther along the coast at Playa Palenque too for a real typical Dominican beach experience and probably better beach too than Najayo. In Palenque you should also be able to find some decent rental accommodation.

If you want to get your own transport mindful of the driving license issues drop a PM to cruffman who helps expats source vehicles throughout DR.

West of Santo Domingo has some great places to visit so do hope you enjoy real Dominican life here.

If you like dancing and music :

Every Sunday at  "Playita de Nigua" a few kilometers north of Najayo they hold a 'Domingo Senero' with live music, which is mostly Cuban Son but also some Merengue.

FYI some argue that 'Son' was first born in Santo Domingo before moving to Cuba and flourishing there. I will not participate in this debate :-)))

The two most famous Dominican Soneros

Santiago Cerón (1940 -2010) : … mp;index=4

Cuco Valoy :

Brilliant post Guineo. You learn something everyday. Driven that road quite a few times to Haina from Najayo but never was aware.

Real DR life abounds with variations once you get away from excess tourists!

So true!!!!!!!!!  Now I have another venue to check out!  Thanks for that.

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