Finding a reliable auto repair shop in HCMC

I have a Mercedes Benz that I bought 4 years ago and ran about 60,000km. Recently, I noticed some uncomfortable shaking movement in the car and asked my driver to have check up at Mercedes's authorized repair shop. My driver came back to me from the shop with a quotation of VND 80 mil in order to change all 4 car wheels - "mâm xe" in the quotation bill.

I used to drive my own before coming to Vietnam, experienced auto repairers in various countries but have never heard of anyone asking to me to change car wheels. I thought car wheels can be used almost permanently unless you run into accident that causes crack or twist.

I also noticed that my car tires get ripped every 20,000km-25,000km (almost all 4 tires, but not at the same time). When I used to drive myself (not in Vietnam), I rarely had cases where my tire gets flat or ripped, and regular tire changing interval was around 50,000km. I thought to myself: "Perhaps the whether and road condition in Vietnam deteriorates tires faster than in other countries?"

Does anyone know a reliable auto repair shop in HCMC that I can check whether the diagnosis which lead to opinion of changing car wheels is correct?
Also, does anyone have any experience with tires getting flat this fast?

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