New E Tourist Visa for Saudi Arabia

Dear All,

I just wanted to share my personal experience with you all.
I am a Canadian citizen living in Bahrain and i've recently applied online for Saudi Visa and to my surprize it got approved in less than 10 minutes.
I received my visa in my e-mail in less than 10 minutes. Its a very impressive service.

I had a question if this Visa can only be Validated at the Airport or i can travel Via Bahrain bridge border and to my surprise they replied to my e-mail in less than 5 minutes.

See below for her Reply,
Hello Dear,

Thank you for contacting us,
About your inquiry yes you can, there are six main entry ports which is:
1) King Khaled airport in Riyadh.
2) King Abdul-Aziz airport in Jeddah.
3) King Fahad airport in Dammam.
4) King Fahad Bridge land port.
5) Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport.
6) Al Batha land port.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us,
and we wish you a pleasant experience in Saudi Arabia.

Hope it helps others as well.


Hi Riz,

Thank you for sharing the experience.


Thanks for sharing your experience.  Good to know that it is a much better service than usual.

Thanks for sharing. I have heard a lot of good feedbacks about the processing time through evisa, but has anyone here who’s not eligible for an evisa applied for a saudi tourist visa? Please share your experience.

You can only apply online for a Saudi tourist visa if you are in the list of nationalities who are allowed to do so.   From your profile, it seems your nationality is Philippines which means that you can't apply for a tourist visa online.

[at]Xtang Thanks for checking out my lifeless profile to see if i qualify for an evisa.😉 I am aware that i am not eligible to apply online. My only way is to submit a visa application through the Saudi consulate. Hope some can share their experiences taking this route. Thanks in advance, peeps!

Ah ok.  Well my friend recently got it through VFS Tahseel.  They have updated their site to reflect that as well.

Second Group: Rest of the nationalities can apply for the tourism visa via Consulates of Saudi Arabia outside the kingdom as per below requirements:

Fill in Visa Application form
Valid passport not less than 6-month validity, Considering any agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and some countries regarding the passport validity.
Medical Insurance is required from Saudi Arabia.
Residency address inside Saudi Arabia.
Pay Visa fees
Age should be above 18 years old, Other wise should be escorted by a parent.
Round Trip flight Ticket
Reservation for the place of stay inside Saudi Arabia
HR letter from the person company ( proof of employment)
Bank statement
Tour program
All personal Information including the current address in the home country

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