Car Travel from Dammam to Abu Dhabi

Hi, I have been frequently travelling to Abu Dhabi from Dammam by SAPTCO buses. I plan to take my car which has Saudi Number Plate but can anyone please advise on few queries that I have in my mind, they are;
1. How much does U.A.E. charge for the Car Insurance at the border?
2. What is the validity of the Car Insurance that U.A.E. will provide at the border?
3. Can one take Company Car with Authorization on his name?
4. Is the cost of Insurance for Company Car different than Personal Car?
5. If someone is frequently travelling within a week or a couple of weeks, is he required to take Insurance again & again or the same insurance works? Is the Insurance multiple or single time use only?
6. Is there any limitation for the car model that is allowed to enter U.A.E. or any car can enter?

Please let me know, if you have the latest information for the above mentioned queries I have.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Take care!

check this link, some of your questions are answered here. … 81#4718946

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