Childcare in Hangzhou

Hi there

I am about to move to Hangzhou, China with my wife, 3 year old son and 3 month old baby.

I am interested to learn about the different areas of Hangzhou and if I'll be able to get a good blend of family life and city life for my small family while I'm at work.

I have three main questions

-Are there a good amount of 3 bedroom properties in or around datieguan station area? And if so, how much would I be paying per month?

-Are there also daycare/kindergarten options in this area, that would take in my 3 year old 3 mornings, or perhaps full days per week?

-What is the rough cost of kindergarten/daycare in Hangzhou- especially if I only require it for 3 days per week?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer....


Hi, I just joined  “expat” and now trying to learn about this community.
I just read your post and found ourselves in a similar situation as you.
Have you already gotten answers to your questions already?
We have a soon-to-be two year old girl and thinking of having her in a daycare. There are a couple of international preschool/daycare

I would love to exchange information and be your friends.
My husband in a Chinese and I am a Japanese. I do not speak English and our baby is leaning only English and Japanese.
Unfortunately, there are not so many people who can speak English in Hangzhou. It kind of makes it difficult for my little girl to play with other kids around here.

It would be great if we and our babies can socialize sometime if you are up for it. I think babies need to have good little friends ;) We live in Hangzhou.
Either way, let us know!😊

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