Suggestion for a place nearby KSA to visit as a tourist,

any suggestion please, ideal month for me is by January first week and to be stay for 10 days or 2 weeks

preferably cost of stay is not expensive :)

what made you consider Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination?
i suggest to cancel your plan and look for other country.

yeah, any suggestion please? thanks

My choices are Turkey or Morocco.
Dubai UAE is also good based on feedback from my friends though it didn't reach my expectations when I get there.

Oh..ok..thanks for the reply....i just had my Istanbul trip that long weekend :)
thank you apolec :)

If couple, Saudi Arabia is not bad, Jeddah, Taif are the best places for non-muslims


Depends also on your definition of "near".....for example, you can catch a direct flight to places like Greece or Cyprus for under 4 hours.

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