plan on moving to Cartagena in January

I'm a retired airline pilot and plan on moving to Cartagena in January. I want to be on the ocean and like Bocagrande. Can I find an agent to help me find a 2-3 bedroom apartment on the ocean?

I will be traveling back to the U.S. for family visits, some vacations, etc. How do I handle Columbian taxes? I have retirement income and possibly do some contract flying in South Florida.

My girlfriend is Columbian and lives in Bogota. She is a professional in the medical field and will remain there to run her business a few more years.

Many thanks for any suggestions.


Colombia income tax rates are progressive up to 33% as follows:

Taxable Income     Tax Rate
0 to COP36,140,040    0%
COP36,140,040 to COP56,365,200    19%
COP56,365,200 to COP135,939,600    28%
COP135,939,600 onwards    33%

For those who love the Colombia Lifestyle this tax chart will give you a basic idea of what you need to pay to live here more than 183 days in any calendar year. As you can see the first $11,000.00 US based on 3250 peso/dollar is not taxed but over that you pay on all that you have. There are deductions so the service of an experienced Colombian tax accountant is worth the money.

It is a great country to live in, it is not free but reasonable even after paying the tax.

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