SIngapore work VISA clarifications !!!

Employer : one of the top Singapore tel-comm company
My nationality : Indian (B.E degree with 5 years of experience)
My salary : 4500 S$ per month
Visa status : EPass - rejected
Rejection reason : HR stated that there was a incomplete course of documents from their side & they have updated the MOM with the appeal

>>>>>>Pls let me know <<<<<<<<<
1) upon checking in MOM - Self Assessment Tool (SAT) - it is denoting that im eligible for SPASS , but my employer applied for EPASS , will it work ?
2) if NO , can i notify my HR with SAT result to apply only for SPASS  ?
3) is there is any chance that MOM will provide SPASS with the same application ?
4 Processing time of the appeal with respect to my scenario ?

Awaiting your positive reply ?

With a bachelors degree, you should be eligible to apply EP only (not S pass), unless your graduating institution or university is not recognised by MoM (can check the list of recognised universities or institutions at MoM website).

If the rejection was indeed due to incomplete information then post appeal, your application should proceed faster. You can get speedy result. Good luck

You had first sent this questions to me as PM, to which I replied briefly and pointed out that you can find a lot of further information by reading related discussions on the forum (which we require all postes to do , to prevent multiple copies of the same question -some of which the forum volunteers, Surya and me, are really sick of seeing again and again!).
Unfortunately, you just posted the questions above - apparently without your own efforts and research to find the answers. Why?
I wiill only reply and give your further useful advice after you have done your homework. Hint: The forum has a keyword search function and Google is also your friend.

Hi Surya ,

Degree : B.E Mechanical Engineering
College : Affiliated by Anna University (Awarding Institution)
Work Experience : 5 years in IT sector & relevant job offer in Singapore

1) i couldn't find the institution in MoM website , pls help me   :rolleyes:
2)  is there is any chance that MOM will provide SPASS , if i does not qualify for EPASS with the same application ? or a new application needs to be submitted ?

I truly accept that Beepi , i have gone through most of the conversations .
But its getting dilemma thoughts when the scenario pitch into our own VISA

Apologies , if i'm wrong  :sick

HI All ,

My Epass got approved  :)  :)

Thanks indeed Beepi & Surya2k  for your assist , you gave great hope on this .  :top:

Application date : 28th August
Rejected on : 18th September
Approved on : 7th October

All the best guys , wish u all a great Luck  :one

hi dilipvishwa..
your employer put appeal or a new application??
when they apply??


I got employed into one of the reputed companies in Singapore. They said they applied for Epass and I tried to track it through my passport number but it shows e0000236 no record found error. I checked with my employee they said that my FIN number is not generated and I can track it once it get generated,I just want to know how long would it take to generate FIN number after applying epass

DineshPonugoti: You posted this AND sent it to me (and maybe others?) by PM - and that despite the question being answered several times before on this forum. Why are you unwilling to search for the answer by yourself - but find it o.k. to bother others with your problem? Such an attitude is not welcome here (or mostly anywhere else)!

Its an appeal , you can check the dates above :)

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