How to renew your passport in Brazil

I have a permanent Resident in Brazil. I don’t plan to go back to the USA anytime soon. In the future I will need to renew my passport. How and where do you do this and the process. Thanks for anyone help


See instructions on passport renewal here:

There's a US Consular Agency (not a full consulate; provides services for US citizens only, with limited hours) in Fortaleza.   That is probably your nearest option.
I renewed my passport this year.  It takes about a month for the new passport to arrive, so start early.   And keep the old one, that has your latest visa in it.

I went to SP US Consulate. Go online and set an appointment nd answer the question of what you are doing.  Pretty easy, note no cell and restricted item inside of consulate.
Showed up on day of appt. (will not allow you inside prior to 15 minutes to you appt.) and paid and about 1 hour wait, bingo. Same with extra pages.

What is the cost of the renewal of passport and do you need cash or credit card or money order. Thanks for all your help.

Accepted payment methods are:

•International credit card
•Cash – either U.S. dollars or Brazilian Reais equivalent

Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo:
•American debit card
•International credit card
•Cash – either U.S. dollars or Brazilian Reais equivalent

Recife, Consular Agency in Fortaleza, Manaus and Salvador:
•International credit card
•Cash – Brazilian Reais only

Passport Book Renewal – Adult (over 16 years old) 110.00

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