Buying a house in Bulgaria

Hi everyone,
my name is Sabine. I'm coming in Bulgaria at the beginning of October with my family to visit and to buy a holiday  home (maybe to live in BG later on). I'm planning a 17 days trip with appointments with estate agents and with the idea to visit places we like and to try get in touch with private owners.
I have few questions:
Does anyone know the Targovishte area ?
Does anyone has an experience with ?
They have a lot of properties all over Bulgaria on offer and the lady ask us to pay for her petrol for visits. Any idea if this is usual ?
We are also in touch with two agencies VT and bulgarianproperties , if you could give me feedback from these agencies that will be great.
And finally does anyone has an agency to recommend for the south East region ?(Yambol & Burgas)

Any advice is welcome*
Many thanks for your help

Those agencies are fine and it seems perfectly fine to ask for petrol it would be very expensive for them to pay for it themselves.
You can also try Yambol Properties, Yantra Homes,Mirela and Cheap Bulgarian House.

I see that you are from the UK, realise when the UK is out the EU (no deal) you will need an visa every time you visit.

It is not true that you would need a visa for every visit. In case of no-deal, UK nationals would be able to stay in Bulgaria for up to 90 days without a visa, similar to many other non-eu countries. So they would only need a visa if they plan to stay for more than 90 days in a 180 day period. Most people do not use a holiday house for more than a few months. … out-brexit

Yes you are right kojidae

Hi, thank you very much for taking the time to reply . It helps.

We've bought the house and the apartment from Bulgarian Properties. They didn't ask for paying for petrol.
To my experience, they are honest.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Sabine, I live in the South East, there are various agents around Bulgarian Properties, New Homes SV, Bulgarian Estates and more.
Good luck with your trip and hope you're successful in your house search!

I just bought a house with Bulgarian properties. It was 3 months process; however, successful

Great , thanks for your feedback.

Sorry have only just seen your post. If you were bot successful I can highly recommend Reneta from Premium Properties. We bought our house from her, didnt charge anything for viewings. Very honest and reliable and looks after clients long after sale  completed.

Hi Jenfy,
Many thanks for your advice.

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