Carteira de Trabalho (estrangeiro)-Impossible.

It's been months since I've been trying to book an appointment to get it (in SP) .... their phone lines never answer...

I was told to book via online only.

Almost impossible. Their slot system is a bit outrageous... This instituition is non existence..

I'm loosing my patience...
How long did it take for you to get an appointment?

Here in Amazonas, it's a walk-in.  Try that:  the process itself is two-step with a couple of days between, but each step is pretty quick and straightforward.

They finally picked up the phone...

They are telling us to wake up at 4 or 5am to fight for a slot.

So ridiculous. We asked if we can walk in but they said it is not possible as there are far "too many" appointments.

Appointments are m booked from 9am-5pm (2 appointments each hour--so 30 mins each slot)

I've been waking up at 6 am/7 am time to time to get a sched...

I guess we're kicked off for more inconvenience.

At this point... We're going to go walk in and really see how it goes.

I'll have an update anyhow.

When the systems fail in Brazil, I always think that F2F is worth trying.  In person, the Brazilian penchant to "dar um jeito" for the requester usually kicks in, if the requester is pleasant.
Most of the foreigners here requesting Labor Cards are Venezuelan refugees:  the Department probably figures that they don't have Internet access, so walk-ins have to be allowed.  I can't believe that everybody requesting a Card in São Paulo has Internet access; sounds like a rule for weeding out rule-followers.  :cool:

As Abthree stated. Just go there with someone who speaks Portuguese. In Vitoria, they had someone who handles foreigners only.


I´ve been wondering why that small PF office located at a shopping mall in Itajai, SC has been welcoming to walk-ins:

1. Is it because workload is not so burdensome in their area of jurisdiction?
2. This is a port city. Seamen come to process their needs. Could that be a reason they allow walk-ins? Afterall, internet to them must be difficult to access. Is there a PF office
in Santos, SP and do they allow walk-ins coming from other cities that has also a PF office that serves their region?

It does look like a big issue now for expats to deal with. And that´s just the start! Would residing in a
smaller city a better deal for PF´s services?


It is nice here especially when they know me when I walk in. Kind of like Cheers, I walk I everybody yells "Norm".
I think I am the only US/Brazilian here. Many other Expats but I have yet to find a US expat.

I'm also wondering if it is possible to get it from other regions/municipal of SP... I'm from the capital..

Texanbrazil :

It is nice here especially when they know me when I walk in. Kind of like Cheers, I walk I everybody yells "Norm".
I think I am the only US/Brazilian here. Many other Expats but I have yet to find a US expat.

Our English-speaking expat social group here in Manaus consists of one American (me), one Hungarian, one Ireland/US dual citizen who definitely leans more to the Irish side, and our Brazilian spouses/partners.  It works, though.  :par:

Update: As of Sep 24,2019 It is now Digital. What a relief.

Hope it works out for you.  Please let us know.

I recieved my carteira de trabalho, but after looking at the info they have put the expiry date as 12th october 2019 ( the date i was given to pick up my RNE). So my question is, does anyone know if i will have to redo the whole process again after i pick up my RNE or would it be as simple as them just adjusting the date and re-issuing me with a new one?

Many thanks  :)

Strange... You should call the office where you picked that document up.

I second Robal's suggestion.
We're talking about a green leatherette booklet, like a passport, (green for foreigners, blue for citizens)  with "Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social" embossed in gold on the lower part of the front cover, right?
Pages 1 and 2 are laminated in plastic, and on Page 2, right below your CPF, is "Validade".    That's where the date is showing up?

When I got mine they gave me one for 6 months. I went back before it expired and now it's good until 2099. You may just need to go talk to them.



Yes thats exactly what we are talking about. i recieved my RNE today so i will give them a call and hopefully it is a simple process to adjust the ´validade´ on it.

Many thanks for your help!

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