seeking information, moving from indonesia to Belgium

Hello Everyone :)

to be honest i am not a expat
but i am searching information for a friend of mine
my friend is currently living in Indonesia
but want to live and work in Belgium as a Indonesian citizen
and in the future apply for belgium citizenship ( need to live/work 5 years in Belgium first ?)
what are the correct procedure /steps/papers for this ?

i tried searching online but the information was confusing
Thanks in advance for any help



Hi Jordy,

This style of question has already been answered dozens of times in the past.

So use the "search" function of the site by clicking on the icon to the right of your avatar. You will also find practical information via the Belgian guide by clicking on the "discover" tab.

And never forget that when we want to go somewhere, we will always see the premeir site of the embassy of the country in question.

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