Traffic incident


I just want ask to all of you who knows what to do about my case.

2 months ago I have a minor accident. The car behind me hit my car on the back .it was a minor damaged on my back his car has no damaged at all. So he ask me if I have an insurance and I said yes and then he started settling the incident and we agreed to settle and we both left on the site. But after two months I got a message from mallath insurance company asking to pay 6000 at because maybe the that hit my car came back and reported the incident to najm without me so they declared me as runaway on incident site.

I checked my absheer but I don't have a traffic violation.  I ask our HR department and they advice not to pay and forget it because the message is not from the police.

Please help me. Is our HR correct?

Thank you.


I suggest you to contact Mallath to know more about the details of your issue.  They might report you in case you don't settle the amount.

Kind of same has just happened to me, I've decided to go to Maroor as I got a message from them and clearify that other person has put a wrong case on me as he hit my car from behind but put the blame on me with run away status.

I want to know what happened to you next ?

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