A look at Russia life

Hi, my name is Carlos Anaya, I just applied for a Russian university, I am pending for a contact. I am trying to gather all the information I can regarding employment, cost of living and an invitation letter may be from a faith organization which I belong to for a work visa but in the meantime, I have to do somethings at the Russian consulate in Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, Canada is very intolerant with several opposed countries and Russia is one of them so I have to send some paperwork to the university to fill out some forms to the admission department and is up to the Canadian government in this case OSAP Ontario Secondary Assistance Program to decide if they can approve a loan for me which of course I will pay when I finish my degree program.

Furthermore, I need to have some other source of income if Samara National Research University accept me as an international student si if I am not eligible for post-secondary loan assistance so that to avoid that barrier for my education I am willing to work on a part-time basis. Anyways, my intention is to be a self-funded student.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my request for information about Russia life, employment requirement, invitation letter.

Yours truly,

Carlos Anaya

Bonjour  Russie c'est pas un pays facile pour les étudiants  alors il faut être financièrement prêt.

Nisey could you please post in English? thanks

Are you yourself a foreign student based in Russia? Your experience will surely be of interest to Carlos

hello i am a foreign student in russia living in belgorod i am training in computer science (system and technology information). Russia is not an easy country for foreigners, Russian law prohibits foreign students from working, so in the end you have to be ready to come to Russia. You will discover another language, another culture, but a rich culture.

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