Maintaining a long distance relationship as an expat in Ukraine

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Moving to Ukraine without your significant other can be quite difficult, especially since your partner is an undeniable source of support. This kind of move may require some adjustments from both parties in order to make it a successful one.

What is challenging about being in a long distance relationship in Ukraine?

How to maintain an adequate level of communication considering differing schedules and time zones?

How often would you travel to each other’s location to meet?

How do you manage to still have a social life in Ukraine?

What hurdles need to be considered if you have left behind children who are under the sole care of your partner?

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Q: What is challenging about being in a long-distance relationship in Ukraine?
A: Elaborate on the question of being in a long-distance relationship in Ukraine. are you talking about being a Ukrainian or with a Ukrainian?

Hello Itsmebrian, let's say you are Pakistani and had to leave your family at home in Pakistan to work in Ukraine. Or if you are in a relationship with a Ukrainian but you are in Pakistan...

As far as I understand, Being far from any of your loved ones is always painful or hard. no matter if it is family (If you are a family person and you are concerned about them) or it is your life partner or life partner to be. The only challenge about the long-distance relationship is that you cannot go to the person who you are missing to, but still we have the Information Technology and we are thankful to it as we can have video calls with them anytime we want. but still the feeling of the distance, IT KILLS YOU.

Hi Bhavna,

It does create some sorrow being at a distance... I am Australian and my partner is from Ukraine, We both have busy careers and try to stay connected as much as possible through Skype or Whatsapp or other methods. This certainly makes life easier being able to see each other and communicate. but not being able to physically be near, does get hard. However, We both know that our love is strong and we want the same thing and this will soon fall into place with our wedding plans and travels with the family. :) 
One of the biggest challenges for me is the time difference between AU and Europe. We are 8 hrs ahead and this can be stressful trying to get good talking time with each other.
Other than this, we try to see each other as often as we can in our travels.
My only major difficulty is getting all the legal documents ready that the Ukraine government requires. Holy cow they make life hard. and the cost associated with it.

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