Maintaining a long distance relationship as an expat in Dominican Republic

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Moving to the Dominican Republic without your significant other can be quite difficult, especially since your partner is an undeniable source of support. This kind of move may require some adjustments from both parties in order to make it a successful one.

What is challenging about being in a long distance relationship in Dominican Republic?

How to maintain an adequate level of communication considering differing schedules and time zones?

How often would you travel to each other’s location to meet?

How do you manage to still have a social life in Dominican Republic?

What hurdles need to be considered if you have left behind children who are under the sole care of your partner?

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Sorry I cannot contribute to this.

In fact most relationships run the opposite way, someone comes on vacation meets "someone" and it starts.

Without going into the depths  of the relationship itself.. There are some economical ways to stay in touch with important others who are at a distance.. Certain requirements are needed. Such as a good high end phone that will have a sustained battery life and short turnover to charge. Prepared phone service with unlimited internet service bought in 3-5 day intervals or daily at 50 peso with Claro.. But reliable service availability depends on your location. Anyway the choice is yours. But “WhatsApp” is stable in the DR and as long as you have internet signal you can call to anywhere as long as they have a WhatsApp number and the application on their cellular phone. I am not advocating the use of land lines for the simple reason of economics. Service minutes are a billable item at greater cost than using the cellular phone.. As this comment was long winded I will leave the other areas of your concern to another. A portable solar/ electric charger can also enable you to have phone access during a power outage.

Long distances relationships are very hard and prone to problems by human nature. But I think ideally once a quarter or at least twice per year I think is necessary but depends on the partners. Can be difficult but also can be done successfully as I am getting married to my long distance partner of a very longtime it has had its ups
And downs but in the end if two people want to be together they will eventually find a way.

classygringo, I do hope it works for you.

I would not recommend any expat getting their hopes too high long term with a long distance relationship with someone they meet here or online for short periods periodically.

My experience is that you need to live long term 24/7 here for a few years with your chosen partner to understand the difference in culture and the extended family interactions for starters.

The differences in economic outlook should never be underestimated.

Too many holiday and distant online romances fail after short time when the realities of different outlooks on life kick in. Western lifestyle is very sheltered in comparison to life for prospective partners here.

Some how, I suspect Bhavna in the OP was referring to expats moving here for business reasons and maintaining ones relationships at distance rather than expats finding romance here through vacation or online. Not good for the single man to come work here alone on business is a fact because of the temptations. That said, when I was younger working for a UK civil engineering company company, several of my colleagues were sent to a project in Mauritius. At the end two got divorced and married Mauritians  And two single guys also got married to ladies they met there! And one other from a lady from Reunion nearby. And they were all successful long term marriages.

Not so easy to get such success rates here!

Yes that was the original intent of the thread which really isn't overly relevant.  Very few expats come here for work and it's usually in tourism. 

It's long distant relationships related to tourism that are the real numbers!

I agree. And life in the Dominican Republic for an American man, or any other man as a matter of fact is hard not to be distracted, no matter how much you love your significant other. It would be very hard for any relationship to serve. Can it be done, yes! But he or she better hightail it back together real soon. I'm telling my age now, (hightail it)  LMBO

The distractions are real.  And not just for men!  Women get their heads turned as well!

I am sure they do. Point blank; long distance relationships are hard.

Whenever this comes up I have a more or less standard response:

Somewhere around half of marriages end in divorce. That is most developed countries.

OK, now add

1.Differences in culture
2. Differences in language
3. Economic differences
4. Differences in age (if it applies)
5. Differences in education.

Now add distance to that equation. 

Its easy to see how this is difficult.  Not impossible but improbable.

Yes, the women in the DR are very attractive and they live in a very poor country. 100% of them are just looking for a better way of life regardless of how it comes to them, as long as it is safe and don't do them any harm. For a man that is established and finds himself in that condition it's like going to the grocery store standing over a long shelf of apple. Take your pick they are all ripe for the choosing. If a man experience that and  if he's not well rooted and grounded he's not going to be the same

I have dated my wife in a long distance relationship for two years from Germany before we got married. She now lives with me and her two children (from a previous marriage with a Dominican) in Germany. I never considered the five differences that [at]planner mentioned as problems, but we once were asked whether we had discussed our expectations about our marriage and living together in Germany. We never talked about that and it is creating problems as well as the way we think about solving daily problems.

Yes they can be problems, but dont have to be. Likely you are running up against the cultural differences now that she is in your country!

Oh wow [at]planner you hit those points right on the head. I have been in a relationship with a dominican for exactly one year now. Long distance relationship is a bi[at]#$h hehe. Defenitely all our argument where about those point. But in the end with communication and an open mind to understanding those differences from both parties things get easier. The funniest argument i have had and this went on for days lol.... the number of shower taken a day/week lol

16 years of experience dating honey so I understand.  I have been told I must not care about "Fulano" because I did not scream and shout at him!  I have been told if I loved him I would make rice!   I have lengthy ridiculous conversations over the most insane topics.....  Cultural difference!  They can be huge!

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