Maintaining a long distance relationship as an expat in Denmark

Hello everyone,

Moving to Denmark without your significant other can be quite difficult, especially since your partner is an undeniable source of support. This kind of move may require some adjustments from both parties in order to make it a successful one.

What is challenging about being in a long distance relationship in Denmark?

How to maintain an adequate level of communication considering differing schedules and time zones?

How often would you travel to each other’s location to meet?

How do you manage to still have a social life in Denmark?

What hurdles need to be considered if you have left behind children who are under the sole care of your partner?

Thanks for sharing your experience,

Hi everyone,

My own experience is the reverse, I travel all the time between between Spain and Denmark.

My partner lives in KBH ….we try to be together as much as  possible.

It s difficult to get a job in DK  ( due to age too ), once in a while I do some freelance work, and that means asking for a leave without salary in Spain.

a long distance relationship is hard, but when you really love someone , you go beyond the practiacal stuff.

the recipe is ; lowcost flights
WhatsApp messages and calls
and really BE there for the other one

ofcourse I hope , in the future to come on a steady base , I love Denmark, the danes and I learned the language….I have friends and my "family in law" here.



I speak fluent 5 languages, am a professional symphony orchestra violinist and chambermusic, viokin teacher and organizor of events, very social and teamworker...if anyone knows about a nice job?

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