What is new law about processing RNM(PR) card?

I registered with federal police 15 days ago for RNM card. After 2 days of applied when I checked on online about status of my application on federal police website then it showed me
My full name,
My parents name
My entry date in Brazil
My clasificasao: residente
Valid until 2028
Special condition: blank

Now my question is this information show me it means my RNM is approved? 

How is it possible to be approved within 2 days?

How many days is need to get my RNM card in my hand( what new permanent residence law process say in 2019)?

Is it still 3-6 process time or short in 2019?

I cannot say as to approved but PF could help. As to timing, nothing in the law as to timing. All up to Brasilia ad how many applications.

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