Early Pension withdrawal when you leave Denmark

I am non EU citizen, working in Denmark for last 1.5 years. My current pension scheme is like, my employer & I contribute & pension payment each month is not tax detected.

Now, I didnt realise at the time of enrolling that if & when I want to withdraw the pension, I have to pay 60% tax on that pension. Otherwise, I have to wait till 68, which is absurd given where I am from, its 60 the retirement age.

There seems to be another plan where I could be tax deducted now but can take the money with me.
I dont expect to permanently settle in DK. So, I want to get the most value for my money.

Is pension scheme mandatory ?
If not, whats the advice. Does it makes sense to not do pension contribution at all or contribute and but make it taxable ?
I have scheduled meeting with my pension company (a month away). So, any help/advise here before it would be helpful .

The pension scheme isn't mandatory.

For an expat it may give sense to get a larger monthly pay instead, but before you take the decision, I would wait until I had had the meeting with the pension company.

Today, I would say that there are two many unknown factors to take the right decision.


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