American considering Ukraine to start farm/homestead

Hello, I am wanting to move to Ukraine to farm. I would sell milk, eggs and goat or sheep meat. Maybe farm some potatoes or grain if I obtain enough land. My question is would I, as an American citizen, be able to get residency in Ukraine and to buy land I could farm? I have heard agricultural land is not sold to anyone but Ukrainians, but I would be selling food exclusively to local Ukrainians so Im wondering if there is a way around that or if an exception could be made. Ukraine is a beautiful country with nice people I hear.

Hi. You can get residence and could farm but you cannot buy agricultural land so far. This summer Ukraine got new President, Government and Parliament. They want to cancel that ban on selling farm land to foreigners but as of now it still exists.
However you can lease this land for up to 50 years now or you can buy an already existing farm that either owns or rents this land.

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