tax foreign sourced income for ecuadorian citizen

As a foreign born Ecuadorian citizen (through marriage), not just the typical foreign resident, is the tax requirement the same.

> Unless you are running a business in Ecuador, your tax liability as a foreign resident is very low. If you live in Ecuador but obtain your income from overseas sources, there is no reporting requirement. The practice of monitoring and taxing banking transactions in Ecuador has been abolished.

> Foreign residents of Ecuador are taxed on their Ecuadorian-sourced income but not on income earned outside of the country

This applies to residents, but citizens? Anyone know.

And what is classed as foreign sourced income? Does online work count as foreign sourced? Even though am in Ecuador whilst performing the work? But all sales are to (mostly) Europeans, using online banks  / payment processors.

Great question, I can't wait for someone to chime in.

Forgot to add, assuming there is tax to pay, what (if any) Ecuadorian setup is required in order to declare it?

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